Sunday, 9 August 2015

Business | Unique Book Queen

Business | Unique Book Queen

After hours of cleaning up my website, and emails to and and from my hosting provider I think we can safely say we are back up and running again. We have had a hacker creating 11,000 spam posts to delete. A job I could have done without. This website, when left alone by these people, should run itself. If you notice any more links to footwear pages, please, please let me know.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to those searching for books. I would have tended to it sooner, but I have lost both my parents within the last 7 months. It has been hard, to say the least.

Hopefully things will run smoothly again, and I will be writing some new books soon. The cold, winter months are approaching now, which will be a great time to start writing again. In the meantime, if you would like to start sending in your ideas, please do so via the Contact Us form on my website. Please help me build up my fan base, and good reputation again.Thanks Cindy Wright.

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