The Magic of Folly Meadow by Cindy Wright

An idyllic day out in the English countryside.  Children playing in soft meadows filled with flowers, their laughter ringing out across the grass.  Suzie, the new girl in the village, is reading alone. 

But not all alone as it turns out.  For shy young Suzie has a special gift.  She can communicate with the spirit world, and she has a host of friends there.

These spirit friends need Suzie’s help in combatting the bullying that twins Ben and Samantha are doing in the village and the destruction they are wreaking on Folly Meadow.  And Suzie has her special puppy Lucky to help her.

Read the first book in Suzie’s adventures in her new village with her friend Debbie, her cousin Ian, and her dog Lucky.


Seal Island Adventure by Cindy Wright

Molly is not at all happy about her dad’s new job in Scotland.  Because it means she has to move there too.  She is twelve years old and moving from the big city of London to a remote estate in the countryside is not her idea of fun.  She has had to leave behind her beloved pony Shadow, and her friend Suze.

Read about Molly’s new life in the Scottish hills, as she learns to love the beauty of the Scottish countryside and beaches around her new home. She has to deal with the visit of her annoying cousin Max, but she also discovers a secret island and makes friends with the magical inhabitants there.  But if she stays too long on the island disaster can strike ….

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