Best Holiday Spots of the World by Cindy Wright.

This is our Book of the Month.

Are you planning a holiday at the moment, trying to decide where to go? Or are you an armchair traveller, busy putting your bucket-list together? Read about the best holiday spots of the world in Cindy’s wonderful new travel book which contains a brief history of each location, reasons to visit there, and places to see. 

Choose from the history and art of Amsterdam; a city called the ‘Venice of the North’ with its pretty canals, where you can take wonderful trips to see the colourful elegant tulips blooming in springtime. Or imagine visiting the stunningly beautiful city of Cape Town on the southern tip of Africa – with Table Mountain towering over the city, dramatic coastlines, and game reserves just a short drive away. 

Maybe you have always wanted to visit Egypt and see the Pyramids, take a cruise down the Nile? 

Or perhaps you would rather visit the secluded magical beaches and coves of the islands of the Caribbean or the miles of beach stretching along the coastline of the paradise of Goa? Then there’s also Hawaii with its sculpted cliffs and fiery volcanoes. Maybe for you it is the bustling city of Miami with beaches close by, or Fort Lauderdale the ‘Venice of America’, which calls out to be visited. From here you can also visit the Everglades or the wonderful Florida Keys. 

Which travel hotpot makes your pulse race, and makes you want to start planning a holiday?

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